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June 13 2015


Happy Birthday, Mr. Eggleston - The New Yorker

William Eggleston has made an indelible contribution to photography as we know it. His mastery of light and color, his astute perception of American life and its commonplaces, and his consummate technical execution have created decades of visual poetry, potent and unmatched. via Pocket

May 17 2015


Updated : The Best Free Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo management and editing application that gets better and better with every release. Like any new piece of software it can be daunting editing your images and understanding some of the controls. via Pocket

May 03 2015


March 26 2014


December 07 2013


November 18 2013


June 08 2010


Adobe - Lightroom Exchange

MobileMe Gallery is a Lightroom 2/Lightroom 3 Beta plug-in that allows you to export photos directly to the MobileMe Gallery. Using this plug-in you can upload to an existing album or create new albums

Adobe - Lightroom Exchange

MobileMe Gallery is a Lightroom 2/Lightroom 3 Beta plug-in that allows you to export photos directly to the MobileMe Gallery. Using this plug-in you can upload to an existing album or create new albums

August 04 2009


See Galactic Disorder And Death!

If you could see inside a dying star — and if your eyes were tuned to perceive that ephemeral property of the universe called entropy — this might be what you would see.

July 31 2009


April 03 2009


rsizr - intelligent image resizing

rsizr is a Flash application that lets you resize JPG, PNG, and GIF images on your computer. With rsizr, in addition to normal image rescaling and cropping, you can also resize images using a new image resizing algorithm called seam carving (a method of image retargeting) that tries to keep intact areas in your image that are richer in detail.

March 24 2009


Redworks · digital artfolio

Linquist is a simple, portfolio oriented theme, without the usual blogging garbage. Inspired by and partially based on the fantastic Sharpfolio theme.

March 20 2009


Flickr: Benoit.P's Photostream

Le photographe autodidacte Benoit Paillé essais d’aller plus loin dans la rencontre des individus, dans leur intimité. En choisissant des étrangers dans la rue où en faisant du porte-à-porte, il choisit ses modèles pour leur beauté, non pas esthétique, mais émotive. En dirigeant ses modèles et en les modelant à sa guise, l’artiste tente de créer des portraits plus vrais que nature, de capter un regard qui n’existerait pas sans son intervention.

March 01 2009


Documentary Photography Project

In 2003, the Open Society Institute launched the Documentary Photography Project. Through exhibits, workshops, grantmaking, and public programs, the project explores how photography can shape public perception and effect social change. The Documentary Photography Project supports photographers whose work addresses social justice and human rights issues that coincide with OSI’s mission.

February 26 2009


Newsha Tavakolian Photography

Newsha Tavakolian, a young Iranian photojournalist who has been working for the Iranian press since she was 16 and is currently represented by Polaris Images.

February 18 2009


The Sweet Sounds of the Canon 5D Mark II | B&H Photo Video Pro Audio

So, how do we go about adding an external microphone to a dSLR, while still maintaining a high degree of practicality? We're in luck! The 5D MkII has a mounting shoe, typically used for attaching a flash unit. For our purposes, we'll be using the shoe to mount a mic instead.

February 09 2009


Canon Professional Network -EOS 5D Mark II Masterclass

EOS 5D Mark II – David Newton, CPN’s Technical Editor, explains the major features and technologies in this 21.1 megapixel full frame SLR.

February 03 2009


Richard Nicholson Photography - 'Last One Out, Please Turn On the Light'

his project, shot on 4"x5" film, documents London's remaining professional darkrooms. It is based on my nostalgia for a dying craft (there are no young printers). It is in these rooms that printers have worked their magic, distilling the works of photographers such as David Bailey, Anton Corbijn and Nick Knight into a recognisable 'look'.

January 31 2009

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